Buy Anything from Us and Pay Cash on Delivery Being one of India’s renowned online adult toy stores, is dedicated to customer contentment, and to keep the customers satiated, what it ascertains is accommodation and flexibility in shopping. The facility of shopping through Debit and Credit cards are not something incipient and rather a good option for online shoppers. But a more convenient option is Cash on Distribution (COD) that has been introduced by sextoyw.comto eliminate the indispensability for making instant payments. In fact, we here at providing our customers the advantage to first receive their order at their address, and thereafter make the payment. 

It’s been quite some years that we have been selling sex toys to different components of India. This is a sizable voluminous reason we have reserved this simplest mode of payment for all our customers. Rather, we have Cash on Distribution facilities for people in all major cities throughout India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and more. Even if one avails Cash on Distribution from a different city, he/she can get the order shipped at another city, get it amassed at the mentioned address and make the payment in cash. 

As far as Cash on Delivery in Kolkata is concerned, what one needs is to provide an address and get the order dispatched within the same day. It doesn’t matter how astronomically immense a city is Kolkata as you can expect to get your order distributed at any address you opt ate within the city. Cash on Distribution is additionally applicable in neighboring locations like Burdwan, Howrah, Durgapur, etc. 

Apart from Kolkata, we have withal  Cash on Delivery in Mumbai. Albeit it is India’s most astronomically immense city, we distribute orders to all areas. Besides, it reserves Cash on Distribution for neighboring cities like Pune, Thane, Nagpur, Nasik and more. Similarly, we have Cash on Distribution in Chennai, where you can get your products distributed anywhere you opt ate. Withal, customers in neighboring cities like Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Cochin, etc. can opt for Cash in Distribution. 

Customers in Delhi too can now opt to pay through Cash on Distribution. Even customers in neighboring cities like NOIDA, Kanpur, Agra, Gurgaon etc. can go with this option and get their orders distributed within a concrete duration. 

How to call Cash on Distribution while inductively authorizing a product? Opting to pay through Cash on Delivery is very simple. Just pick your product you opt ate to authoritatively mandate and proceed towards payment. Thereafter, you will be shown the COD option which you require clicking and place the order. Recollect, Cash on Distribution is applicable to a minimum shopping amount Rs. 40,000. 

The product is packed in a standard box that contain only your contact details. In other words, the entire packaging is made discreet. Once the order is distributed. You pay the cash and get a printed receipt.