, the growing online sex toys store brings a set of privacy policies for all those people who are inclined to access our website. These policies are to be read in detail, understood pellucidly and adhered to at all cost.

Data kept Confidential :

Keeping certain information confidential always avails in sustaining trust and privacy for a business. In this deference, we keep our customer’s information safe and secure, whether it is anyone’s denomination, address or contact details. So, whoever accesses our website stays an innominate utilizer. However, your identity will then only be disclosed only when you will authenticate it into our website.

Processing Data for Privacy policies

Besides accumulation, we additionally consider data for processing so that it does not become arduous for one to buy products from our website and added that he/she can make plausible claims later if any. Information that is taken into consideration is conventionally one’s designation, gender, electronic mail address, address for product distribution, mobile number, postal address, fax number, payment details, bank account details or debit/credit card details.

Correct Information is Essential :

Data is withal required for amassing payments from customers, managing the website, accessing certain sections of the website, tracking down malpractices on the website, sending customers’ updated information on our products and accommodations cognate to the website, etc. So, all the information provided by customers must be veridical and updated.

Staying away from Third Parties :

We additionally update your order details, and in order to access identically tantamount, you require to authenticate through your account and get the required information. To maintain confidentiality, it is advisable not to apportion this data with anyone. Despite, if someone apportions it with a third party, no matter what the reason is, we will not be answerable for security issues reported by the customer later. On the other hand, we are withal against sharing customer information with third parties. We never do so without the consent of the customer.

Declaring Triumphers :

Personal information of a customer might often be required for market research and opinion. Suppose, if you are fascinated to participate in competitions, you might need to provide a few personal details. With the avail of these details, we will promote our offers and declare victors as well.

We reserve not only technical but withal security measures for safeguarding unauthorized access to your information. To amass data through the website, we take all your personal information on an authentic server. Our servers are sentineled with firewalls to assure full-proof security, especially when payments are processed electronically.

Copyright : holds the copyright for this Privacy Policy that does not sanction any type of interference by third parties for commercial reasons. Licit actions will be taken in case these laws are breached. Withal, we reserve the right to make obligatory transmutations in this Privacy Policy for eliminating or integrating clauses, and is not responsible for notifying users on identically tantamount.

Despite, if you have any suggestions or queries, feel in liberty to mail us at