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Have a look at Cupid Lover series V2 that represents a G-spot vibrator, which will also act as a sex massager and a vibrating stick. It looks cute and also quite compact in size that makes it easy to carry. The material that has been used to make this gadget is a combination of ABS and plastic. High on quality, it has a nice touch and also quite flexible to grip.

Have a look at some of its features:

·         G-spot vibrator

·         Dual massager and vibrating stick

·         Compact in size

·         Quite portable

·         Made of ABS and plastic

·         Flexible to grip

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why buy Cupid Lover series V2?

Measuring 8 inches, Cupid Lover series V2 comes with a powerful suction and vibrates with efficiency, making users highly orgasmic. Moreover, it takes no effort to operate and even cleaning it does not take much time. Also, it is quite durable for being made from a combination of ABS and plastic.

How to use Cupid Lover series V2?

Place the Cupid Lover series V2 on the clitoris gently and activate the vibrations. Accordingly, you will have intense orgasm and proceed towards climax.

What makes Cupid Lover series V2 different from others?

High on quality, it has a nice touch and also quite flexible to grip. What makes it safe is that it is waterproof and you can, therefore, use this while playing in the water.


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