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If nothing helps you attract your girl, why not try this aromatic fragrance that will now leave her seduced like anything? Lure for Him Attractant Spray is an amazing product that has been formulated to generate sexual desires in the opposite sex. What makes this spray stand out is its presence of Pheromone that resembles the body fragrance, letting your girl come closer towards you. Once you put on the fragrance, she senses it and thereafter her genital organs start getting excited that result in enhanced sexual desire. Therefore, if you are determined to go for a sexual intercourse, Lure for Him Attractant Spray is the product that will make it happen.

Available in a 30 ml pack, this pheromone attractant spray is made of ingredients like Alpha Adrostenol and pheromone that lead to pulsating emotions. It can be used by men of all ages and is skin-friendly as well.

Product: Lure for Him Attractant Spray

Category: Male sex spray

Ingredients: Purified water, Androstenone, Glycerine, fragrance

Colour: Blue

Capacity: 30 ml


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