Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys in India for Men, Women and Couples

Are you frustrated that your personal or cultural anxieties are depriving you of sexual gratification? Stop now and reconsider your options, because we have the right answer to your quandaries: the all-consequential ORGASM. This Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys for Women in India covers all the bases, so to verbalize. From understanding sexual lingo to being able to identify the sundry types of toys, this guide will “take you by the hand and make you understand” the world of erotic adult products and mechanical stimulation like nothing else can.

Now that you’ve made a step in the right direction, you’re probably drowning in questions about what to do, what type of adult toys for sex are out available in India, what will work best for me, etc. You might even be on the fine line between buying and not buying an adult product. We’ll avail you answer these questions, and show you what’s out there in the way of adult toys. Get yare to rumble!

Adult products for India come in many shapes, forms and textures, but all have one mundane goal – to stimulate you sexually and avail you reach orgasm. No matter whether you’re a single woman, in a relationship or just open-minded, there are sure to be products to suit your taste. The single-minded purport of all adult toys makes them perfect companions that can be relished right at home. At sextoyw.com, we understand that making a cull can be hard sometimes, so we’ve dissevered them by the kind of stimulation they provide. Each of the categories below fixates on categorical erogenous zones. Clitoral and vaginal stimulation are the predominant types, so making this cull is your natural first step in the world of pleasure-enhancers.

Solo Sex Toys for woman in India

The rudimentary sub-categories here are: dildos – which provide stimulation by perforation; clitoral vibrators – which stimulate the clitoris; and dual stimulation contrivances – which fundamentally give you the best of both worlds.

Dildos and Other Vaginal and G-Spot Adult Toys

If stimulation by perforation is your thing, then you optate to go with a dildo of a preferred size, texture and function. A dildo is conventionally in the shape of a penis, but not always so. You can utilize dildos as a way to discover yourself and to acclimatize yourself with your ‘hotspots’. They’re additionally a great prelude to the physical feeling of sexual perforation.

Products like the Jelly Dong with Suction Cup, Crystal Peach or Authentic Doter II from our range of dildos all have varying textures and dimensions, but are essentially artificial penises that give great vaginal stimulation. There are withal vibrating dildos such as The Tickle Your Fancy Vibrating Dildo – an impeccable companion for our first-time female buyers of women sex toy in India. If you optate more exhilarating vibration options, you might want to check out our Rotating Cock II or Vibrating Authentic Dildo.

Another class of insertion toys are G-Spot dildos and vibrators. An abundance of women in India (throughout the whole world authentically) don’t authentically ken where their G-Spot is, and these toys are the impeccable way to ascertain! Many women prefer thinner, longer dildos or more curved ones for G-Spot stimulation. The G-Spot Diamond Prince, Fabulous G-Doter and Waterproof G-Spot Grain are just a few of the neophyte products in our Dildos Category.

Clitoral Vibrators Made For India

These pleasure-enhancers are great for external stimulation of the clit, and the Love Bullet, Waterproof Charmingly resplendent Sweetie and Vibrating Egg are impeccable to commence off your peregrination into exhilarating territories of orgasmic gratification. By artificially stimulating the pink nob at the top of the vagina, these toys will have you in euphoria for nights on end.

Apart from the clit vibrators mentioned above, there are withal mini vibrators like the Micro Message Ball and the Little Round Honey, which are discreet and customizable. You can utilize ribbed sleeves to experience incipient sensations, and these products are ensured to never go out of style. And of course, there’s the I Rocket – one of the first mini vibrators on the market and controvertibly still one of the best.

Trust the Japanese to come up with adult products that are withal legitimately utilized for massage therapy on other components of the body! The Spirit By Leaf and Lelo Ilsa are generic-looking sexual-avails that won’t cause mortifying moments if someone who shouldn’t find them in your possession, does.

Dual Stimulation Adult Toys

The third class of solo toys is the “Rabbit”, which provides both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. If you like an overdose of sexual stimulation, then this is the cull for you. Products like the Jubilant Rabbit and Bingo Rabbit can edify you a lot about what turns you on. And how!


Withal kenned as “cock rings”, these are designated to enhance erections. They’re not essential, but an abundance of men wear them out of curiosity or even from a desire to maximize their erections when making love. The ring stimulates the penis to make it thicker and wider, and there are vibrator options that double the delectation for both partners.

Showcased in this category are Spike Ball Cock Ring and Rabbit Cock Ring, as well as the Orbit Ring Vibe. The penis gets harder and the vibe function stimulates the clit when the penis is plenary inside the vagina. women sex toy.

Finger and Hand Vibrators Sex Toys for Women

The phrase “give me a hand, will you?” during sex will take on a whole incipient dimension with these adult toys. A man who wants to delectate his partner to the hilt – and beyond – has got to have at least a couple of these ‘handy toys’. For the men out there reading this guide: Genuinely, if you bring this little sex toy doted by women into play during your intimate moments, you will have your lady screaming for more time after time. It’s time to stop worrying about how to relish your private time, and commence expanding your gratification by picking up a few affordable items from our catalogue today!