As per the online accommodation accedence of our website,, there are certain pertinent terms and conditions that must be conscientiously read and understood. It doesn’t matter how much or what type of data you access on this website, acceding and accepting the following terms and conditions is a must:

We, here at sextoyw, take this into consideration that all our customers must be 18 years of age and above. After it is corroborated, we thereafter decide to sell our products. If the utilizer is not found to meet this designated age limit, the order will be repudiated. One should, consequently, mention his/her authentic age to get the order placed prosperously.

Just in case the customer receives an erroneous product from our side, he/she must not delay more than 48 hours to let us ken about it. No matter what circumstance arises, failing to apprise within this time span will result in order abrogation.

If under any circumstance, a customer forwards a request for an order to be returned, supersession of that product shall be made. However, there will be no mazuma restituted.

No request for any type of utilized product shall be acceptable. As we are highly concerned about health and hygiene, we aim at selling only fresh products.

All the products and contrivances we deal in are betokened for personal use. We never intend to sell our products for commercial reasons. Sexual wellness is all what we aim to promote and consequently, we advise our customers not to apportion our products with outsiders.

If the customer is held liable for causing any damage to the order, we will not accept any scarcely return request at any cost. A request for return will then only be taken if Se itself stands accountable for the damage.